Count Down Of Ethereum Metropolis Hard Fork

Ethereum Metropolis Launch: LIVE COUNTDOWN! / Russian Crypto = Joke / BATS Epix / Week Ahead / More!28 Nov 2019.

The current ETH/USD spot price is down 89% from the all-time high.

Metropolis Part 1: Byzantium in October 2017, and Metropolis Part 2.

The next hard fork, Istanbul, will contain several EIPs and is due for.

The block count per day (line, chart below) has therefore decreased sharply from record highs.

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19 Feb 2019.

This hard fork is the second phase of Metropolis. The first two stages of Ethereum were Frontier and Homestead. After implementing the.

12 Oct 2017.

The Ethereum network will be undergoing a planned hard fork at block number 4.37mil (4,370,000), which.

A countdown timer can be seen at https://fork.

What is Metropolis, Byzantium, and Constantinople?

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