Fantasy Or Inevitability?

An essay-review of Becky Manawatu’s novel Auē, one of four finalists for the Jann Medlicott Acorn Prize for Fiction, the most.

They resemble plausible spaces but operate more like constructed artificial ruins that comment on structural instability, the inevitability of decay, the failure of.

Inevitability, Azerite Power.

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26 Sep 2019.


its inevitability, [but] the chances for liberation that lie within the process.

The book's most poignant and painful gift is the temporary fantasy.

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7 Jul 2018.

But now I'm going to bring to our attention a discussion of which I think is inevitable. According to developers, you'll be able to pay for gas.

Last month came and went, without anything to remind us that it marked the 20th anniversary of the month, Joel Shambo died.

13 Sep 2018.

Ole Miss football is nothing if not fun to us right now. Despite lingering NCAA sanctions, despite the obnoxiously manufactured controversy.

Second, some of the most celebrated practitioners of modern fantasy share with their.

The leading Reformers certainly believed in the inevitability of “spiritual.

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