With Segwit2x Called Off

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Bitcoin SegWit2x Fork Called Off8 Nov 2017.

In other words, in order to keep the community together, SegWit2x backers have decided to call off the fork. The announcement has been.

8 Nov 2017.

Known for its strong early support from bitcoin startups and mining pools, the plan , called Segwit2x, or simply '2x,' was to trigger a block size.

8 Nov 2017.

Breaking News: Segwit2x Fork Cancelled Bitgo CEO, Mike Belshe has published a post indicating that the contentious Segwit2x hard fork.

Bitcoin plunges after upgrade is called off, but offshoot 'bitcoin cash' surges more than 40%. Published Fri, Nov 10 20179:38 AM EST Updated Fri, Nov 10.

9 Nov 2017.

With the pending hard fork called off, developers on projects of every stripe, who were waiting its result, are now back at the work of developing.

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8 Nov 2017.


signed off on a letter today saying that the effort to fork bitcoin, called Segwit2x, would be called off because it would “divide the community.

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